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Finding the Light when You Can’t Find the Sun

You know those gray, overcast days when you’re pretty sure the sun isn’t even in the sky?  Well, there’s still directionality in the light, and if you want to give your subjects the best chance of looking good, you’ll need to find it.  This is a really quick tip I’ve seen repeated at a number […]

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Table Shots – How to Avoid Them, and How to Do Them Well!

Several times a year, couples ask me if I provide table shots – this is where the photographer visits each table during the reception and takes a photo of everyone at the table, usually in one group, sometimes also with the couple.  I absolutely loathe these photos as they are posed (apart from the family, […]

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Night time wedding portraits

Depending on the wedding venue it can be really great to steal your couple away for 5 minutes to get some beautiful romantic night time pictures. I like to a) Ask before the wedding if they’d like to do this b) Make sure I know what time sunset is so I have a time in […]

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Indoor Portraits: Side Lighting vs. Front Lighting

If it’s rainy, or you’re short of time, you can create a couple of quick, safe, pretty portraits inside with some window light.  There are two main options: side lit or front lit.  For side lit portraits, have your subject stand or sit so that the window is to their side.  This lighting is great […]

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Creating Killer Silhouette Shots

If you’re looking to create a little variety in your wedding day portraits, a silhouette can be a great addition to the lineup.  I use silhouettes during the couples portraits most often, but have also created some fun wedding party silhouettes.  The most important thing to know is: shoot into the light.  This may sound […]

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