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To photobooth or not to photobooth…

Photobooths are a hot trend at weddings right now. You may have clients asking if you offer a photobooth. Both Kate and I have this as an option for our clients. Kate uses a seamless paper backdrop and a tripod/camera/remote shutter she has rigged up herself. I have a Social Studio System which is ready to […]

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Equipment Back Up

I think it’s fairly safe to assume that as professional photographers we all have back up camera bodies in case of a malfunction during a wedding. Should a shutter jam up during a crucial moment it’s nice to know that you’re covered. The same goes for lighting equipment. But have you ever thought about back […]

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Taking care of your camera

I’m incredibly hard on my camera, it’s got little dents/bumps all over but I take a lot of care over my camera sensor. Here are some suggestions/things I do to take care of my camera: – Try to avoid changing lenses in really dusty or windy situations, you’ll increase the chance of contaminants getting into […]

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Adding Sparkle to your Detail Shots

If you find that your detail shots are looking a little flat, use a small video light to add a little sparkle.  I like the Sunpak Readylight and carry a few of these with me in my camera bag.  They’re cheap, lightweight and super easy to use.  Leah uses the Micro LED by Litepanels.  I […]

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Memory Card Management

I’m somewhat of a control freak about memory card management on the wedding day. The thought of accidentally misplacing or shooting over a card makes me feel physically sick. Here are some of the steps I take to safeguard the images on the cards: -Before the wedding I format all the cards, I don’t ever […]

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